Archer Daniel Investment Exchange Expansion to Asia

Archer Daniel Investment Exchange (AIE) plans to expand its China and Asian business as it expects to help fuel economic growth in the region, according to the recently appointed Asia Pacific President William Nates.

“China’s economic slowdown is likely to be a short-term phenomenon while we are planning to be here for the long-term. China has a lot of policies to open up its capital markets which are going to give asset management companies a lot of growth opportunities,” William Nates said.

William Nates is positive about the outlook for the China equities, but noted that building up his company’s funds business will not be easy.

“The competition is fierce in Asia. This has cut down profit margins and made it harder for us to recruit and retain talent,” he said.

Archer Daniel Investment Exchange provides exchange traded funds and other fund products investing in infrastructure, and agriculture. These funds are available for retail and institutional investors. AIE also serves institutional investors who need to invest insurance or pension funds.

William Nates admitted its Asia business should be bigger.

“The business in Asia Pacific now represents only single digits of our global business asset size. We are targeting a double digit in some years,” he said.

He said the primary focus is to expand in these hubs by organic growth.

“Asia has a young population and a growing segment of wealthy individuals which would support future growth for the asset management industry,” he said.

About Archer-Daniels Investment Exchange (AIE)

Archer-Daniels Investment Exchange (AIE) is a specialist investment firm with a focus on the agricultural commodities markets and agribusinesses.

Source: Archer-Daniels Investment Exchange (AIE)